Where does longan fruit grow? How to eat longan fruit?

Longan production, an important commercial crop in the northern part of Thailand, therefore becoming the local crop for export, offers a good opportunity to meet the needs of many European consumers. Longan fruit, known as a local tropical tree belonging to southern China, has a tropical climate characteristic, tropical fruit …

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How to make a Swedish diet?

The diet, also known as the “13-day diet” or “Swedish diet”, which completely changes metobolism, is mainly based on the way the Nordic countries eat when they aim to reduce the obesity rate. In this way, shock diets that give fast results are recommended for those who do not have …

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Are found in which foods what is gluten?

Gluten-containing foods come to the tables most often as bread, pasta, bulgur rice and bakery products. Gluten, the vegetable protein in these products that many people consume with love, is an important problem that makes life difficult, especially for celiac patients and those with wheat allergies. There is no consensus …

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