Corona protect your eyes against the virus with glasses, not lenses

Associate Professor From The Department Of Eye Diseases Of Medipol Mega University Hospital. Dr. Aylin Kılıç explained that improper use of the mask, which is the main element of protection against the corona virus, can cause an invitation to eye diseases.

Assoc. Dr. Kilic, ” now that we are constantly wearing masks, especially those who use glasses to reduce the fog on the glasses Glass a little, constantly open their nose with their hand and breathe into the outside environment has a greater risk. Maybe he unwittingly repeatedly touches his eye, nose and mask with his dirty hands, and maybe he opens his nose to infect others with the virus, or if he is healthy, he can’t fully protect himself because he often touches his mask and turns it on and off,” he said.


Especially those who use glasses should be more helpless but more careful when wearing a mask, the Assoc said. Dr. “On the one hand, it is vital that they do not open their noses to block the vapor in their glasses, while on the other hand, they are restricted to seeing with misted glasses. Although our breath is limited to the air from the upper part of the surgical masks, it can also be the cause of dryness in the eye, as well as misting when it hits our eyes as it passes through the air. So dry eye patients may be a little more uncomfortable, it may be useful to drip their drops frequently,” he said.


Assoc. Dr. Kılıç, glasses and masks are so difficult to use the solution is contact lenses or not explained as follows: “at the beginning of the pandemic, the first announcements were made to contact lens users. Even the Academy Ophthalmological Society of America announced that ‘Aman attention to your eye, do not touch your lens, decontaminate your lenses well, if possible, break the contact lens and switch to glasses’. In short, everyone needs to be careful. Spectacle wearers can prevent their breath from misting their glasses by gluing their masks with tape to their noses. We surgeons do it in a routine so that the mask and the microscope don’t fog up in surgery, it works. Please do not open and close your mask, do not walk with your nose open, do not touch your mask, do not take off your glasses and wear them, always wash your hands before each touch.”


Also advise Contact Lens Wearers Assoc. Dr. “Those who use lenses should switch to glasses as much as possible. Because it is both more hygienic and partially acts as a barrier separating it from the external environment. If you can’t switch to glasses, you know that the virus is transmitted from the eye, remember that your contact lens can be a means of transmission. Let’s wash our hands thoroughly each time and touch our contact lenses. Dry eye patients, your complaints may increase because your breath comes from the space on the mask to your eye, drip your drops frequently, please do not rub your eyes directly with your hands, do not scratch,” he said.

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