Corona virus pandemic deepens “gap ” between rich and poor children

Scientists from the University of Oxford in the UK are conducting a study called “social distance and development” to understand how the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) crisis affects family life and children’s development.As part of the first phase of the study, more than 500 parents with children under the age of 3 were interviewed.

In interviews, the families measured the time they spent with their children and the quality of their activities.

Activities such as“painting, cooking, speaking, exercise, reading books and singing ” were described by scientists as useful activities. Watching television and spending time with smart devices were evaluated as activities that led to a decline in cognitive development.


In the results, it was noted that educated and well-paid parents spent more time with their children during quarantine, while children from poor families experienced the opposite. According to this, many of the parents who had a lack of livelihood worked or lost their jobs during the quarantine. Children who were left alone at home were therefore deprived of psychological and educational support, which was of vital importance.

However, children of poor families had less access to outdoor activities and books, the study said. On the other hand, children’s time at the head of televisions and smartphones, including the majority of the poor, was recorded.

Study author and psychologist Alex Hendry said: “children’s development is very much dependent on high-quality activities that support them. We were delighted to see that a large proportion of parents took the time to talk to their children, read books and play games. However, we cannot ignore the fact that quarantines have deprived some children of the creature,” he said.


However,the authors of the study noted that the Covid-19 crisis was negatively affected by the overall economic and social impact of n families. However, it has been reported that the failure of children to survive this condition can have devastating effects in the following years.

Sally Hogg, one of the researchers, said: “the vast majority of young children in the UK are raised by poor families. Many of these children do not have access to toys or books to support their development. Because of the quarantine, the closure of libraries and play parks puts them in great danger. That is why we want policymakers to take into account the spiritual physical development of infants and children when making decisions,” he said.

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