Corona virus symptoms vary by season

Dean of Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Department of Public Health and member of the Council of Social Sciences of the Ministry of Health Prof. Dr. Mustafa Najmi Ilhan noted the seasonal change in symptoms of the corona virus.

Prof. Dr. Ilhan, corona virus at first fever, cough, weakness, respiratory tract symptoms are more at the forefront, stating, “then the season changed and summer period with the cases that were again fever was also not happened. Later, gastroenterology findings of the stomach and intestines began to be added more. We have seen that citizens are more likely to suffer from corona virus with findings such as taste, olfactory disorder, diarrhea. Now, when we look at the cooling of the season with winter, people again have difficulty breathing, fever, cough began to appear,” he said.

In the last period, a finding that underlines the cough you should be more careful Ilhan, “if there are findings that he wasn’t in more of our citizens thought, ‘I’ve never been so sick before, I didn’t have so much joint pain, I didn’t cough so much’ like ‘ if you have complaints, contact or near contact with the suspect at around the same time with similar complaints and stories of if you have should see their doctor,” he said.


Prof. Dr. Ilhan, corona virus cases are most often seen between the age group of 24 – 49 years, noting that there are more men in this group, he said.

Prof. Dr. Ilhan said, ” because men are more outside, more wandering. When we look at advancing age, the incidence of women or men, especially over the age of 65, is very similar to each other; but those who have died are more likely to come out of men. Because men are less resistant to health problems in general, they lose more lives. For this reason, the corona virus, as with other diseases, causes men to lose more lives. We need to say that there are deaths at a younger age, there are patients. But in particular, more than 95 percent of deaths under the age of 24 have previously been linked to chronic risk factors. Like cancer, like occlusive diseases in the lungs, like kidney failure. In fact, the process has been the same since the beginning, young people find more outside, they carry more corona virus, older people are more affected and, as a matter of fact, they die more,” he said.


Prof. Dr. Ilhan, corona pointed out that there may be new restrictions in the provinces where the virus is seen as more intense, “they are under the authority of provincial hifzissihha boards. Restrictions may be more concentrated in social areas. Restaurants, shopping centers may close earlier, Open later, there may be tougher measures on public transport. There may be measures to bring people together in open spaces, or there may be tougher measures and sanctions on wearing masks, but I don’t think an all-out restriction across the country would be very appropriate at the moment. Because it’s winter, we all need to be careful. Because we wear masks and sleep at physical distance, other respiratory diseases are also rare. If we can take our precautions by paying attention to this, secondary infections may not develop, even if the person is corona virus, since the other infection is also rare. Because people are protected from other infections, they can also more easily circumvent the coronavirus process. You have to be careful all winter. After Christmas, the vaccine will most likely be introduced. Along with the vaccine, obviously, with the level of social immunity reaching a certain level, it will be possible to talk about a better picture for the next year,” he said.

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