Depression tripled during Covid-19 outbreak

A study conducted by Austrian, British and Belgian experts said that the proportion of those reporting serious levels of anxiety disorder and depression symptoms has reached 52 percent since April, compared to 17 percent before the outbreak.

According to the study, depression and anxiety disorder were most common in young people, women, the unemployed and low-income people during the epidemic period.

Dr From The Department Of Psychology At The University Of Sheffield Jaime Delgadillo said: “We want to draw attention to an important and urgent situation regarding people’s mental health. Mental health services have been under-resourced since the past. This study has once again shown that mental health needs to be given much more attention in such a difficult process.”he made his assessment.

In March July 2019, when the first case of Covid-19 was observed in the UK, one in 10 adults had depression symptoms, while one in 5 adults had depression symptoms since the outbreak began, the office for National Statistics (ONS) said in its report on depression cases observed in the country during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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