Don’t use cloth masks more than 5 times warning

Corona, which can enter through the mouth, nose or eyes as a result of droplets coming out of the respiratory tract, coughing, sneezing or close contact, improper use of the mask, which is at the beginning of measures to fight the virus, also invites the spread of the disease.

It is noted that people who use masks are less exposed to the virus, can be protected from serious and severe infections, as well as seasonal respiratory infections such as the flu.

The mask, which is also shown as one of the most effective protection methods in the fight against the corona virus epidemic, is shown as the most accurate use, especially to fully cover the mouth and nose, and to be placed under the lower jaw. The person who uses the mask must also choose the one that best suits his face.

It is important to use masks with wire in the nose area to prevent falling from the nose area and misting in people who use glasses. The person needs to choose the appropriate size mask according to the face size.

Medical masks should be replaced when wet, moistened, dirty, dropped on the ground or in use for more than 4 hours. After 15-20 minutes of short-term use, the mask is placed in a bag and then reused. A mask that does not get wet, does not get dirty, does not get wet, is usually enough for a person’s daily shift. After use, the mask should be placed in a bag and thrown into the trash by closing the mouth tightly.


Associate Professor, member of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health, who provides information about the correct use of a mask. Dr. Afshin Emre kaynak pointed out that too many masks are being produced due to the fight against the corona virus epidemic. Loss, medical textile companies produced and the Ministry of Health product tracking system record, “melt blown” so-called filtering capability with the middle layer and seamless fabric upper-lower layers of 3-layer masks should be preferred, he suggested.

He said that the tires of masks are too tight or too loose, which leads to a lack of comfort during use, and in this way, there is a failure in the use of masks.

Assoc. Dr. Afshin Emre Kayçmaz also made the following recommendations on the use of a double mask and a washable cloth mask:

“Instead of a double-layer mask, the one mask that is properly installed is sufficient when the physical distance is maintained. However, there is no harm in wearing a double mask.

Washable masks can also be used in this process. The Turkish Standards Institute in accordance with the rules of synthetic or made from natural fibers, droplets larger than 3 microns acting as a barrier for the package that contains the information washed washable masks should be changed when and how many time should be preferred.

Washable masks manufactured in accordance with these rules are healthy. After each use outside, the masks should be thoroughly washed and rinsed with soapy or detergent water on the way home. Although the recommended temperature is 60 degrees and above, this is not possible in hand washing. In this case, water at a temperature that will not burn hands can be preferred. After rinsing well, do not worry about inhalation of detergents. The mask must be resistant to washing and drying at least 5 times.”

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