What are the benefits of cloves? Where are cloves used?

Cloves are used as a seasoning by grinding, but they also keep the breath fresh and clean when used by holding it in the mouth for a while. With the effect of the substance “Eugenol” in its content, it creates an area of use as a local drug against mild and moderate tooth and gum pain.

17. and 18.clove, a plant equivalent to gold due to its high price in Century Britain, is widely grown in our country. The birthplace of the clove plant is Indonesia, and it is also grown especially in Zengibar,India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.


In addition to minerals such as manganese, potassium, iron, selenium and magnesium, The Clove plant, which contains vitamin A and beta-carotene, has many known benefits. These;

  • – Prevents ulcers and gastritis and protects digestive health.
  • – Antibacterial properties against many microbes.
  • – Helps prevent lung tumor formation and control the disease.
  • – The antioxidants in it protect the liver.
  • – It helps balance the insulin.
  • -It is useful for maintaining bone density and bone mineral content, increasing bone tensile strength in the case of osteoporosis.
  • – It prevents mutations in genes.
  • – He finds eugenol in the clove, which allows him to acquire mild anesthetic (drug) and analgesic (pain relief) properties. This substance is also very effective in tooth, head and novelization.
  • – It prevents oral bacteria from developing.


It is used as a spice in cloves, sweets, jams, homemade juices and compotes. Clove buds are added to herbal teas. It is pulverized and used to treat many pains, including toothache. Chewing one or two cloves a day provides the benefit of iron, protein, phosphorus, calcium, carbohydrates and vitamins A, C, which are high in content. Dried cloves are distilled with steam and oil is extracted and can be widely used in many areas, from health to cosmetics.

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