What is Anti HBS?

Hepatitis B virus is known as a type of virus that can be easily transmitted through the blood.

Hepatitis B virus, which is often manifested by symptoms quite similar to a flu infection, does not show any symptoms in the body in some patients. For this reason, it can also become difficult to understand. Hepatitis B virus; sexual intercourse, unscreened blood transfusion to be made, the use of medicinal products which have not been sterilized, hepatitis B virus, and passed on to the baby during birth, sharing used syringes, sharing items such as razors or toothbrushes can be transmitted in the event of.


Anti-HBS reports that the infection has been completely cleared in the face of the body’s battle against the hepatitis B virus. Anti-HBS performed by taking a blood sample gives a positive or negative result. The Test result allows you to understand whether the person is immune to the virus in question.

Antibodies developed by the body and forming a defense mechanism are called Anti-HBS. These antibodies also provide permanent immunity in the body. In this way, when the body encounters the hepatitis B virus, it is ready to produce antibodies against antigens found on the surface of the virus.


The Test measures the level of antibodies in the body that neutralize the virus. For this reason, the positive result does not create a situation that requires concern. Even the fact that the anti-HBS value is positive means that the body is resistant to the hepatitis B virus.

A negative result, which means that the person’s body does not have resistance to the hepatitis B virus, usually occurs in people who have not been vaccinated before.


A blood test results in a short time. In this way, the height of anti-HBS in the body can be detected. In people who do not get the vaccine, the result is 5 mIU/ml, while in those who do, anti-HBS is positive, that is, 12 mIU/ml.

In people who have received the vaccine but have not received the vaccine, the result can range from 5 mIU/ml to 12 mIU/ml. This result is considered “uncertain”.

Anti HBS height is considered normal to be between 100 mIU/ml or even 1000 mIU/ml.

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