What is dyslexia? It is the principal reason for dyslexia

Dyslexia, observed as a reading disorder, is observed in cases such as difficulty in spelling words, difficulty in speed reading, difficulty in writing words, or mispronunciation.

Although it gives symptoms in preschool period, it becomes most pronounced in primary school period.

Individuals with dyslexia have normal intelligence and many of them succeed in their educational life through private lessons or a special education program. Dyslexia symptoms may vary depending on age and person. Dyslexia often becomes more pronounced as children start school.

Dyslexia is thought to be caused by genetic and environmental factors. Dyslexia, which can also occur later for reasons such as brain damage, stroke, dementia, is caused by problems in the part of the brain that processes language. Dyslexia is detected as a result of a group of tests. In the diagnosis of dyslexia, memory tests, vision tests, spelling tests and reading tests are used.

If dyslexia is not focused on, it can create serious self-confidence problems in children, such as fear, anxiety, and exclusion from society. Early detection and support of development with an appropriate educational model creates a very important awareness.


Dyslexia symptoms may vary depending on age and person. Dyslexia, which usually occurs in childhood, can be difficult to notice.

Symptoms that vary from person to person are mainly as follows:

  • Difficulty understanding letters
  • Skip letter order
  • Mixing similar consonant vowels
  • Difficulty moving to the next bottom line while reading
  • Making syllabic repetitions
  • Reading letters is seen as changing the location of letters when writing them.


Because dyslexia is not a disease, it can be corrected with a special educational model if there are no psychological reasons. The main considerations for dyslexia education are as follows:

  • Providing a special education to the child individually or in a group,
  • Providing education by people who specialize in this field,
  • If a person has psychological problems such as attention disorder, anxiety, their treatment,
  • Attention-enhancing drugs may be used,
  • Depending on the severity of dyslexia, the duration and intensity of the educational support offered may vary depending on the case.

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