What is potency pomegranate, how to consume it?

Kudret pomegranate, a tropical fruit belonging to the Kabakgiller family, grows naturally in places such as Asia, Caribbean islands, Amazon Basin, East Africa. Fruits and leaves used in the food and pharmaceutical industry are rich in minerals and vitamins.

It contains iron, calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

The miraculous fruit potency pomegranate, which is used as a curative in the treatment of infertility in women and liver disorders, is also used for treatment in diseases of the digestive system such as the stomach and intestines.


Often used in East Asian and Southern cuisine, the fruit of tropical potency pomegranate consists of red grains resembling pomegranate seeds in yellow-orange rough shells.


Potency pomegranate, which people with the disease or treatment should not consume without asking their doctor, can be consumed as a paste to suppress the bitter taste.

In order to consume the potency pomegranate as a paste, one yellow or orange-colored potency pomegranate is separated from its red poison-containing kernels and chopped into pieces and placed in a glass jar. Add a cup of honey and leave the mixture in a closed jar for a month. A teaspoon of the mixture, which is slightly juicy, can be consumed in the morning.

It is necessary not to consume too much power pomegranate, as it can cause stomach problems and diarrhea when consumed too much.


Fruit and leaves, rich in minerals and vitamins, some of the miraculous benefits of potency pomegranate can be listed as follows:

  • Potency pomegranate is a good source of nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, folate and vitamin A.
  • It lowers cholesterol levels, which in turn helps support heart health.
  • It helps to lose weight.
  • It has an antibiotic effect.
  • It is useful for eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases.
  • It’s effective at healing and closing wounds quickly.
  • It treats stomach ulcers and stomach problems.
  • It can interfere with the formation of cancerous cells.


Power pomegranate is thinly sliced. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil into the pan and heat until boiling. Potency pomegranate pieces are discarded and cooked and constantly mixed with a wooden spoon. Potency pomegranate is fried in oil. A paper towel is placed on a plate to absorb the excess oil inside. It can be added to salads, stews and soups.

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