What is the rusheymin? What are the benefits of rusheymin?

The part located at the top of the wheat that allows the wheat to grow and multiply and germinate is called rusheym. But when wheat goes through various processes, the rushes disappear. In order to protect and benefit from rusheimin, special procedures must be implemented.

Rusheym is a serious source of protein and magnesium. Rusheym, a rich store of minerals and vitamins, is a source of E and B vitamins, especially of plant origin. Only 1 kilo is obtained from 1 ton of wheat, so it is a very special nutrient.


Benefits of rusheymin, which can be used in many recipes, from bread making to cake;

– Rusheymin contains more fiber than wheat. That’s why it supports the digestive system.

– Rusheymine is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

-When consumed at certain rates, it keeps the process full and helps to weaken.

– Because it’s a herbal product, it doesn’t contain cholesterol.

– E, A, B1, B6 and most importantly, folic acid is very rich in care.

– It balances blood sugar, thus preventing sudden hunger and sweet crises. It reduces the desire to eat sugar.

In cases where rusheym is not obtained by special methods, it deteriorates Within 2 days due to the oils it contains and gives the flour bitterness. For this reason, white bread flour is separated during production. Rusheymli bread is made with flour obtained by separating rusheymin from wheat by special methods.


Because it contains gluten, rusheym, a wheat product, is one of the foods that celiac patients and those who are allergic to gluten should not consume.

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