What is Vitiligo, why does it occur?

Vitiligo, known as a disease in which skin cells disappear in certain areas, usually occurs before the age of 20. According to research, there is also a possibility that it is genetic in families.


In the human body, cells called melanocytes are responsible for the production of pigments that give the skin its color. Damage to these cells negatively affects pigment production, causing vitiligo disease. White patches caused by Vitiligo disease are mostly seen here:

– Hands
– Feet
– Face
– On the lips
– Armpits and groin
– Around the mouth
– Lights
– Nostrils
– Heart
– Reproductive organs
– Rectal areas


Vitiligo disease, the cause of which is not exactly known, occurs when the immune system attacks healthy cells by making mistakes. According to research, sunburn or psychological distress can cause vitiligo. According to another study, white patches appear because healthy cells self-destruct.


Treatment of vitiligo helps to see the skin more smoothly. In accordance with the existing medical facilities, vitiligo forms of treatment are medical, surgical and other treatments.

Medical treatments

  • Drugs applied to the skin
  • Oral medications
  • UltraViolet a (UVA) light

Surgical treatments

  • Adding healthy body cells to places that have a white patch.
  • Tattoo small areas of the skin

Other treatments

  • Use sunscreen cream
  • Using makeup and cosmetics to cover white patches.
  • Getting psychological support

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