Where is lavender used, what are the benefits?

The lavender plant, whose homeland is the Mediterranean, grows in a wide area ranging from the islands of the Atlantic Ocean to the countries around the Mediterranean Sea and India. In Kuyucak village of Isparta, another name is lavender scented village, 90 percent of the production of lavender in Turkey is provided.


June and July the plant blooming blue, purplish or red flowers in the form of lavender, a plant species of Mediterranean origin, shrub-looking, mass spike. It grows in abundant natural conditions on the coasts of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.


From the lavender plant; lavender tea, lavender oil, lavender tincture, lavender Cologne, lavender soap and shampoo are produced. It is also used as a raw material in the perfumery industry with the richness of lavender essence in its content.

Lavender, which is included in the composition of drugs that regulate the central nervous system, is used in the production of skin cleansing lotions, fragrances, fragrant bath soap and foams in perfumery and cosmetics in the industry.


Acne, asthma, bronchitis, Hair Loss, Women’s diseases, nerve diseases, certain skin diseases, lung diseases, rheumatism, ringworm, cough and dizziness in the composition of herbal medicines for other diseases mentioned as lavender plants can be used to treat.

Tea obtained with lavender helps to remove inflammation that occurs in the upper respiratory tract from the body. It is possible for people with difficulty swallowing and throat bloating to feel good with tea.

Applying lavender oil to the neck and wrist areas of those who have sleep problems can help solve sleep problems. It also has a calming effect against depression and anxiety.

Lavender can be used as a natural method in the field of cosmetics, especially for allergic skin.

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